Thursday, April 13, 2017

Day 30 Pups really taking to the ramp challenge , climbing up /down from all angles, sliding down from the top , finding a mini tunnel underneath for time out away from other pups.

In order of whelping 

Yellow collar = girl
Red collar = girl
Blue collar = boy
White collar = girl
Purple collar = boy
Pink collar = girl
Green collar = boy 
White collar = girl

Black collar = girl

Saluting tails ......

Ramp bent from all the weight of pups who were still determined to climb it anyways. Vertical challenge !

Pup stuck on other side of ramp

Red girl challenging Purple boy as ramp sentry

Pup stuck on ball

First a chew on ball followed by a lick ............

Tongue action on ball 

Ramp fixed with extra support preventing a bend

Ramp serves as a tunnel for sleep undisturbed

Note a weim pup ear hung on x pen

The cube

yellow girl 

? pup

Purple boy

Yellow girl

Blue boy

Red girl

Green boy

Black  girl

Black girl


White girl

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